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Kessler Ramirez
hello, I'm Kessler!

I’m a California girl who loves art, traveling, and social media. I created this website as a way to combine all of my favorite things into one place that I could share with you!

If I’m not traveling and capturing photos, you can usually find me at home painting while binging the latest tv show, snuggling my kitties, or tending to my many house plants.

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My Story – Kessler Ramirez

A true California girl, I have lived up and down the California coast. I grew up in Northern California and then moved to Santa Barbara for college. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a BA in Psychology and a minor in History of Art and Architecture, I lived and worked in San Diego for 2 years before moving back home to save money for traveling.

These days if I’m not out and about, I am most likely sitting at my desk in my plant-filled bedroom, drinking tea, petting my cats, and working on a passion project. Instead of playing music, I’m usually watching Netflix or listening to a true crime podcast.

My current projects are working on my tiny art business, writing travel content for my website, and the less-fun job searching.

As a creative person, I've always juggled many different passions – drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, and most recently, social media. After working professionally as a Social Media Coordinator and Manager, I realized it is something I really love to do and hope to continue down that path.

I have big dreams and grand ideas, but I don’t believe that any of them are unattainable. When I’m passionate about something, I become obsessed with it and work hard towards my goal. With my current passions being art and travel, I spend many nights too excited to sleep because of the ideas and plans flowing through my head.

Although I haven’t traveled the whole world (yet!), I’ve been lucky enough to zipline through the Costa Rican forest, pet kangaroos in Australia, watch the sunset over Santorini, and siesta in Spain.

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Kessler Ramirez Art Great Wave Painted Jacket

my painted denim business

Most of my time lately is spent painting on jeans and denim jackets. It has been such a fun experience creating an art business and growing my community on Instagram.

Kessler Ramirez watering plant shelf urban jungle

Life as a plant lady

I have more plants than I can count and continue to propagate them – growing even more babies from the plants I already have. My room is definitely an “urban jungle”.

Kessler Ramirez skincare routine

skincare is a nightly routine

Since discovering the magic of skincare, I now do a 10-step Korean skincare regime every night to keep my skin clear, moisturized, and healthy.

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Kessler Ramirez My Favorite
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Countries Visited: 8

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