Hello and welcome!

I was born and raised in Northern California and after two years of living in San Diego, Ca with my boyfriend and two fluffy cats, I have moved back home to the Bay Area to save money so I can eventually travel the world!

In 2016, I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in History of Art and Architecture. Since then I have worked as a full-time nanny, art instructor, social media manager, and took art classes at the local community college. I was working full-time as a Social Media Coordinator at my first “big girl” office job, but had to quit to move back home.

I’ve been creating art since I was itty bitty thanks to my creative, art teacher mother. I started to get seriously into art my Sophomore year of college. It began with photo-realistic pencil portraits. Most recently, I began painting on jeans and denim jackets. It has been so much fun and something I will continue to explore.

I traveled to Europe for the first time in 2017 and have had the itch to go back ever since! My dream (of many dreams) is to travel the world. I’ve only been to 4 countries besides the US but have a few dozen on my “to-go” list.