Ethical + Sustainable Swim Brands for Summer 2019

I’ve decided I want to make more conscious and educated decisions when buying clothing and swim. I never realized the amount of pollution “fast fashion” causes – especially fabrics made of plastics that don’t every breakdown like swimwear. Not to mention the poor working conditions Chinese companies tend to be know for like sweat shops and child labor.

I want to step away from brands that create more waste and don’t want to help fund the poor treatment of workers who create the swimwear and clothing. Although it is more expensive, I want to support smaller brands that are ethically made and created from recycled fabrics that don’t add more waste into the world.

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5 Tips For Taking Photos in Paris

One thing that most people struggle with while traveling (including me) is taking nice photos in popular tourist destinations without hoards of tourists around.

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A One-Day Guide to Barcelona

While planning our month-long Europe trip, we had one night we needed to fill between Paris and Seville. Looking for a place somewhere between the two, we picked Barcelona. Our trip was planned around art museum visits, architecture, and beautiful landscapes, so the city built by Gaudí was a perfect choice.

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16 Gorgeous Spots to Take Photos in San Francisco

Looking for the perfect Instagram spot, locations for engagement shoots, or just a nice place to take photos? Here are my favorite spots that I’ve been and the spots at the top of my list to go to on a future trip!

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20 Best Places to Eat in Santa Barbara

I’ve been visiting Santa Barbara my entire life, I lived here for 4 years during college, and now my parents own a condo here. So I consider myself a bit of a local now and it is one of my favorite places in the world!

I have eaten at most of the restaurants around Santa Barbara…

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5 Tips for Successful Thrifting

I used to despise thrift stores. I thought they all smelled, were full of ugly, old, overpriced clothes, and just full of peoples’ junk.

My view of thrift stores completely changed when I started going to them to buy clothes for reselling.

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Take Time To Toast!

A wonderful event full of girl bosses sponsored by Danielle Gibson Events. This year it was in beautiful Sonoma, California at K2 Ranch! There was gorgeous decor, lovely speakers, delicious food & drinks, and positive vibes all around.

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