My Apartment Things List


I was recently accepted into the "Amazon Influencer" program. Now, before you roll your eyes, the Influencer program is essentially the same thing as Amazon Associates, but it let's you create Pinterest-like boards of Amazon items that people can then shop.

It's more organized and fun than just linking individual products in a blog post, although I will continue to do this as well.

Yes, I do earn money if you purchase something from my Influencer page, but it doesn't cost you anything extra (and helps me out!).

I will start creating posts periodically with lists of items I want or already have and think other people would like to add to their list. Here is my first one- Apartment Things! All the things I currently use and love, along with some other cool, necessary things that I like or plan to get eventually.

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Tripod Floor Lamp– Mid-Century Modern

I have wanted this lamp for SO long. It is gorgeous and I've added it to my list of things I absolutely need (okay maybe just I need it.) I mean, look at those wooden legs!

Sea Urchin Air Plant Kit

This kit includes 4 airplants AND the sea urchin pots/holders! Perfect for a beachy themed apartment. They would look beautiful in a window sill or bathroom.

White Ceramic Contemporary Square Succulent Plant Pots

These would fit in perfectly in my apartment– and probably most apartments following the current Scandinavian white/wood trend!

IKEA Faux Fur Sheepskin Tejn

When we moved into our current apartment, we spent A LOT of time at IKEA, because we are lucky enough to live within an hour of one. If you don't live as close and don't want to pay massive amounts for shipping, Amazon sells this IKEA faux fur rug (I have it and love it- so do my kitties!).

Home Office

HP DeskJet 3755 Compact All-in-One Printer

If you want a printer that does it all but doesn't take up 70% of your small desk, this is the one! I had a big, clunky printer that was an eye-sore and took up way too much space. I ordered this one and couldn't believe how cute and tiny it was. This is the perfect little printer for a home office or a small desk in your apartment or dorm. It prints well and it even scans! If you print a moderate amount, this is the ideal printer. I love it so much.

Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand with Storage Organizer

I don't have this gorgeous computer stand yet, but once I get an iMac, this will be the first purchase! It even has a spot for your mug which is so ingenius! I am always losing pens, so having spots for them, along with a phone stand is ideal for me.


Aurorae Classic Extra Thick 1/4" Yoga Mat

I have always had a tough time with thin yoga mats. They aren't supportive and my bones hurt from digging into hard floors. I bought this mat in hopes that it would be thick enough to be supportive, but thin enough to still roll up tightly. This one is perfect! I bought the violet one.

Mini Essential Oil Diffuser

This probably could be in any of the categories I made for this post, but it is ultimately relaxing and luxurious. Just fill with water and add essential oils! You can set colors and control how much it diffuses. I use this often during yoga or at bedtime with some lavender oil. It also has a timer and auto-off so you can set it and let it go without having to turn it off.

Radha Beauty Top 8 Essential Oils

If you get a diffuser, you need some essential oils! I am a total newbie with these so I just bought a top 8 pack so I could try them all out at a decent price. I love them all and also incorporate them into beauty products- the peppermint is great for headaches!

Bamboo Shower Mat

It feels so luxurious to step out of the shower or bath onto this. Truly a spa experience. It is non-slip and I haven't had any issues with it. It is gorgeous, sturdy, and a nice little statement piece for any bathroom.


Anthony's Organic French Lavender

I just bought this and can't wait to start making DIY beauty, recipes, and more! It smells incredible, has great reviews, and it's French. I smell it just for fun sometimes.

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

My cart on Amazon currently contains this gorgeous kettle! I've been meaning to get one for way too long now, so I will be ordering this soon. I want to use the microwave less and I drink tea every morning. This would be great for pouring over coffee (or French Lavender!). Can't wait to try it out!


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