Favorite Things of 2018


Now that 2018 is over, I thought it would be fun to look back at all my favorite tv shows, movies, books, Instagram accounts, and just a few of my most used/loved products. I’m always looking for new shows, books, & movies so send your suggestions my way!

TV Shows

Photo via Maniac

Photo via Maniac

I watched A LOT of tv this year. Not that I sit on the couch and turn off my brain, but I like to always have something playing while I work on my website, paint, clean, or whatever else I may do when I am home. These are not all the shows that necessarily came out in 2018, but that I discovered in 2018 – although most were released in 2018.

Darkish TV shows
– Maniac
– Westworld S2
– The Sinner (discovered)
– Mindhunter S2
– Jessica Jones
– A Series of Unfortunate Events S2

– Chef’s Table
– Explained
– dark Tourist
–The staircase

Feel-Good/Lighthearted Shows
– The Good Place
– Jane The Virgin
– Big Mouth (PG-13 warning)
– The Great British Baking Show
– Disenchantment
– Atypical
– Santa Clarita Diet (gore warning)


A Star is Born movie still via Variety.com

A Star is Born movie still via Variety.com

While I watch tv often, I don’t watch movies as often and can’t for the life of me remember the ones I have seen this year. I’m sure there are more.

– Can You Ever Forgive me?
– A Star Is Born
– Shape of Water


My Favorite Murder logo

It sounds weird, but I almost never listen to music. I prefer to have a story for my brain to follow while I drive or tidy, so I always am listening to podcasts. People get excited when I tell them I listen to podcasts and they do too – only to be disappointed when I tell them the podcasts I listen to are true crime – not inspirational, motivational, educational ones. Although true crime is arguably educational. If you like true crime, this is my list IN ORDER with my favorites/must-listen to at the top.

– My Favorite Murder: the podcast that got me hooked and I’ve since seen live! Two badass ladies who you will want to be your best friends.
Generation Why: two guys who are well researched but still conversational and casual. they have such nice voices, too!
True Crime Garage: similar to generation why with two guys and well-researched but still conversational and casual. They’re pretty entertaining guys, too.

Other genres:
Ear Hustle – recorded inside San Quentin prison and hosted by an inmate and volunteer. They discuss a different prison topic each week and interview other inmates. The incarcerated co-host, E, was just recently released from prison!! Yay!
This Podcast will Kill you – hosted by two women who are disease ecologists and they talk about a different disease each episode. Full of knowledge, gruesome descriptions, and fun.


Cover of Handmaid’s Tale novel

Cover of Handmaid’s Tale novel

Something I really want to do this year is read more books. I go through phases where I can’t get away from a good book and then long periods of not making any time for reading at all. Starting my website and working a full-time job did not leave much time for reading this year, but I hope to make more time for it this year! These are just the books I actually liked, while other books I read, like Milk & Honey, I didn’t really care for.

Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood – an absolute must read! One of the best books I’ve ever read.
In the Still of The night by Ann Rule – Very long, but interesting for true crime lovers
– Picture of Dorian gray by Oscar Wilde – I’m still at the beginning, but it’s a very curious novel


Boise Idaho City Hall

I’ve never traveled as little as I did in 2018. No wonder I’ve been itching to travel the world! Get ready for a long list of travel places in my 2019 blog post next year – and many posts about my travels throughout this year!

– Boise, Idaho – the only time I left california (for a friend’s wedding)

San Diego – well, I lived here for the first 10 months of the year!
Los Angeles – finally visited LACMA and the getty (for a second time)
– Santa Barbara – My parents bought a condo end of 2018
Capitola – always a favorite and went a couple times
San Francisco – christmas time in the cityyy
Cambria – the cutest tiny beach town
Felton – Roaring Camp Railroads is the coolest old western-style town

Instagram Accounts:

In 2018 I followed more travel accounts that inspired me and fueled my passion for traveling and photography. While there are dozens of accounts I could share, I’ll just list the top ones that consistently make me happy – in no particular order.


Non-travel accounts I love:


Products (linked)

I discovered the magic and luxury of skincare in 2018 and have a nightly routine now. Besides skincare, I have a few products I bought this year that I absolutely love!

My January 2019 Birch Box

My January 2019 Birch Box

These products are all from Amazon – while it is no extra cost for you to purchase from these links, it helps me earn some money :)

All Skincare – a list of all my favorites from step 1 through 10
– wax
Earplugs – something I didn’t know I needed until I shared a small room with cats
Lightning Cable – cheap and lasts. I’ve been using this since september with no issues!
Vintage world globe – I got mine from TJ Maxx, but this one is very similar
Birch box – not one product, but a monthly makeup/skincare subscription – read about it here
Expandable pet carrier – I travel with my kitties often and they love these carriers!

Hope you all had a great 2018! And if you didn’t, good news, it’s 2019! I’m excited for the new year and to kick it off with a month in Europe. More on that to come :)