April 2018 Ipsy Glam Bag

kessler ramirez ipsy glam bag makeup

Haven't heard of ipsy? Read my post all about it here! You can see what I got in my March ipsy bag here. Yes, it's the end of May and I'm just now getting this post up.

1. NOTS- Once Finishing Cream

ipsy april glam bag kessler primer

I haven't gotten a chance to really use this yet. I am highly allergic to sunscreen, so I'm always cautious when using any makeup product that has it in it. Sunscreen is usually okay in a makeup for me because it is pure titanium dioxide – which I am not allergic to. I tested this on my arm and did not have a reaction, but have been reluctant to try it on my face.

According to ipsy, this is great used as a primer and even has a slight green tint for color correction.



2. Delectable by Cake Beauty- Triple Moisture Body Lotion in Coconut & Cream

ipsy april glam bag kessler body lotion

First off, this is an actually decent size- not a tiny sample! It also smells incredible. "Triple Moisture" may just be a marketing slogan, but it does work well. Great for dry legs and not too big to take on-the-go in your purse or backpack!

*Cruelty-free & vegan

3. Bellápierre Cosmetics- Banana Setting Powder in Medium

ipsy april glam bag kessler setting powder

Setting powder! I was excited to try this one, but it was a bit to shimmery for me. It seems like a quality powder, just not my taste. It has a slightly more yellow tint than most powders since this one is just meant for under your eyes. It sets well and doesn't seem too "cakey". This company makes their product from 100% minerals- no talc or parabens.

*cruelty-free & has a vegan line

4. The Vintage Cosmetic Company- Slanted Tweezers in Rose Gold

april ipsy glam bag kessler tweezers

I already have a couple pairs of tweezers I am happy with, so I have no need for these. They are gorgeous rose gold though! I will eventually be selling bundles of brand new, unused makeup/tools on my Depop from past ipsy bags that I don't want or need. These will be included in one of those bundles!


*Unknown if they are cruelty-free

5. NYX Professional Makeup- Soft Matte Lip Cream in Ibiza

picture via  ipsy.com

picture via ipsy.com

This lip cream is another product that looks amazing, but is not something I will use since I rarely wear anything on my lips. It is brand new, unopened, and will be bundled with some other great products for sale on my Depop. The photo shown is a slightly darker/maroon compared to the color I received.

*CRUELTY-FREE but their parent company is NOT

FREEBIE! Hello FAB (First AID Beauty)- Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

april ipsy glam bag makeup kessler

As you may have already read in my original post explaining ipsy, you can earn points by 1. reviewing items from your glam bag each month and sharing it to social media and 2. referring friends with a unique link. I hoard my points so I now have a stock pile of them. I like to wait until there's something I really need or want available as a freebie before I spend my points on something.

This primer is from a brand I really like and I had just run out of my other sample primer, so I spent 600 points. I have used this primer every day since I got it and LOVE it. It has a creamy texture and really helps my makeup to look even. Previously, I was having issues with my foundation looking clumpy in some areas as I wore it throughout the day and this primer has completey fixed that!