June 2018 Ipsy Glam Bag


June is my favorite month, not only because its my birthday month, but it is also the start of summer! Sunshine, beach, farmers markets, and all things I love.

If you have not heard of ipsy, read my post all about it and how it works.

This month I got an eye cream which I've been loving! I also used some of my ipsy points to get a free eye serum. Keep scrolling to see all the goodies I got!

As I've said before (somewhere), I am not a blush person. I have naturally pinkish cheeks that I prefer to cover up when putting on makeup. I don't want to bring that pink back because I prefer a more golden-bronze look.

I will not be using this and will eventually list it for sale on my Depop once I get it together and create/photograph makeup bundles.


This has become something I use every day in my skincare. After spending a bit too long in the sun a couple weekends ago, my skin was dry and slightly burnt. I used this serum at night (along with my full skincare routine products) and it helped bring some moisture back into my face.

It has a great consistency, smells like a fancy spa, and feels amazing on my skin. Highly recommend!

•CRUELTY-FREE (they do sell to China and it is not confirmed if they are tested on animals there or not)

I never notice a difference between the primers I've used. I have only used this a couple times since I got it, but it seems nice and my makeup does stay on well. I've never really used MAC products so I can't say if it is up to the standards of other MAC products.


Lipstick is a rare occurrence for me- I usually eat or drink while I'm wearing it and it's gone by the end of the day/night. I have yet to try this one because I'm debating if I will keep it or not. It's a nice little travel size and the color is close to what I would wear for nights out. It's probably a bit too dark for a daytime lipstick, but that's just me.

*CRUELTY-FREE and does not sell to countries that require animal testing

First off, I apologize for the out-of-focus photo. This jar was pretty difficult to photograph because of the white text on a light blue bottle.

Anyway, I have used this every night in my skincare routine since I got it and it's wonderful! It's somewhere between a cream and a serum which gives it a luxurious texture and feel. I didn't note my eye bags before I started using it (now I'm wishing I had), so I'm not sure if it has made a noticeable difference or not.

I love it nonetheless!

•CRUELTY-FREE (they do sell to China and it is not confirmed if they are tested on animals there or not)

The tiniest sample you ever did see! When I got this a had to laugh at what a small sample size it was- probably smaller than a quarter. I thought, "how pointless to get such a tiny bottle- I'll hardly get a week's use out of this!" I can now admit that was wrong to think because this is an oil and the smallest dot of it goes so far.

I use one single drop to use on both my eyes and even that ends up with some extra. I haven't checked the price for a full-size, but it must be expensive because this is some high-quality eye serum!


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