June 2018 Birch Box (My first one!)

birch box june 2018

After having ipsy for over a year, I decided to try Birch Box! While I was slightly disappointed at first with my box, I've used 3/5 of these products consistently since I got them and actually really like them! I did not expect a great box since it is my first one. Like ipsy, Birch Box picks items for you based on a survey and reviews of products from previous Birch Boxes. Never having had a Birch Box to review before, they could only go off of my survey. I only expect each box to get better and be more tailored to my likes.  

Birch Box is VERY similar to ipsy- you get 5 personalized beauty/skin care/hair items each month based on your "beauty survey".
You can earn points (like ipsy), but instead of redeeming freebies, you get a balance of dollars that can be spent in the Birch Box store. I'm not sure if this will be better, but I prefer getting freebies instead of a discount on items. 

I have more to learn about Birch Box, but for now I'm enjoying the surprise each month in addition to my ipsy bags! Plus, the boxes are really cute and can be reused to store things in :)                  

1. PEEK Beauty Metalimatte Naturally Quick Drying Blush

I'm not a blush person and have never tried a non-powder blush. This one went into my pile of "to sell on Depop" make-up and is now available for sale on my Depop in a bundle!


2. Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator


I have a few exfoliating cleansers now from ipsy bags, so I got to compare this one to the others. I like it just as much as the others I have, but this one is the biggest! It exfoliates nicely and will last me a while!



3. Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm

This is a great dupe for Glossier Balm Dotcom. I use this for my lips and to add a bit of shine/glow to my cheekbones when I'm not wearing any face makeup (95% of the time lol). It's pretty universal and could even be used for your cuticles! It is a tiny bit sticky, but that just makes it stay on longer!


4. Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle


Packaging is usually what sells a product for me, so when I saw this, I absolutely hated it. It has a very middle school trend look to me (you know? Like Ed hardy era style..) so I immediately thought it was going to be terrible. To add to the middle school style, it smells just like Pink Sugar perfume. Did anyone else douse themselves in that perfume or was it just me? Anyway, I actually do like the sweet sugary smell and the product itself? AMAZING. It detangles my hair so well and keeps it soft and silky all day. Pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. My bottle is now completely empty and I've been living the frizz lifestyle again- for now.


5. Beauty Protector Protect & Oil

Like the detangler, this product doesn't have a great design and smells the exact same- Pink Sugar. But again, I do love the smell! I prefer this packaging because it is in a nice glass bottle, but it is hard to use without a pump top or spray. I haven't used this much because I have a hair oil that I use every day to maintain frizz near my scalp, but will probably start using this a bit more to see how well it stands up to my current oil.


BONUS! Lipstick Queen Mornin' Sunshine Lipstick

I got this lipstick as an added bonus when I signed up for Birch Box! It's one of those "magic" lipsticks that goes on clear, but changes to the "perfect" shade of peach coral based on your PH! It turns a bit too barbie pink for me, so this definitely isn't a lipstick I will be using. I was hoping for a more natural peachy color, but I guess my PH is barbie pink! haha

*NOT entirely cruelty-free

From their website, "Lipstick Queen does not test on animals and never asks others to do so on its behalf. However, if an international authority demands such testing for safety or regulatory assessment, unfortunately, it is obliged to comply."

Overall, I don't plan on cancelling my Birch Box subscription anytime soon. All the products I got are cruelty-free (besides the freebie), which is always an added bonus! If you're deciding between ipsy and Birch Box, I'm definitely biased as I've had many more ipsy bags than Birch Boxes, but I encourage you to try both for a few months before deciding.