Must-have Items for Cat Owners


After almost 4 years of being a cat owner (and having cats my whole life), I've found my favorite items for all kitty needs. I will continue to add to this list as I find more products!

Kessler's Kitties

With incredibly fluffy cats comes incredibly large amounts of fur throughout my entire apartment. The first time I used this on my cats I got a pile of fur the size of them! This works so well and reduces shedding in unwanted places.

I wish I had photos- I have gotten giant mounds of fur from just a single brushing. It's incredible.

I use the brush for long haired/large, but it comes in a variety of different sizes for short haired/small cats, and short haired/large cats.

See, they love it! Besides eating, eating, and eating, Jack's favorite thing is being brushed! Sparrow prefers to play with the brush, but still enjoys being brushed.

This is the best item I've bought for my cats this year (maybe ever).

This is a heated perch that warms up once your cat is on it. It took my cats about a week before they started using it, but now they fight over who gets the bed. I'd get another one if I had another window sill to put it on.

It can either screw into the window sill or you can use the adhesive strips. Some reviews say the adhesive strips aren't strong enough for larger cats, so I screwed the perch into the sill which was super easy. I've had this about 6-8 months at the time of writing this and haven't had a single problem! My cats use this daily.

The perch also comes in a non-heated version which has great reviews, as well.

Here are Captain Jack and Sparrow enjoying themselves on the perch. They get so relaxed on here because of the heat it gives off!

It is inevitable that your cats or kittens will pee on your carpet, clothes, or something else at least once. My fluffier cat, Captain Jack, will pee on my clothes if the litter box isn't clean enough to his liking.

Nature's Miracle has been the only cleaner that completely removes the scent of cat pee. I prefer to buy it in the largest size, but there are also smaller spray bottles which are great to have, too!

If you really need it, they make an Advanced formula for cat stains/odors.

I'll spare you photos of this product being put to use- yuck.

At my last apartment, I quickly learned that ants love cat food. I would have to throw out the food in my kitties bowls daily because ants had swarmed it. I also had to throw out an almost full bag of cat food because it was full of ants. Gross.

After looking for suggestions online, I found this cat food storage that not only keeps out ants, but keeps the food fresh much longer! No more ants or stale food. It holds a full bag of the cat food I get and comes in a bigger size with wheels if you buy in bulk.

You HAVE to have some sort of scratcher cat tree for you cats.

Cats scratch "to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, to mark their territory by leaving both a visual mark and a scent (they have scent glands on their paws), and to stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws" (via Humane Society Website).


I've had this cat tree for 3 years and it is still holding up strong! My kitties love it and use it daily. It's perfect for small spaces and small-medium size kitties. Mine have slightly outgrown it, but still use it.

While I don't have these exact brands of scratchers, I do have multiple cardboard scratchers with catnip. My kitties use these multiple times a day and seem to really love them! It's a great, inexpensive way to keep your cats from scratching up all your furniture.

I recommend using an XL wide scratcher and/or one with catnip!

Both Jack and Sparrow have been loving these cat nip mice. Sparrow is great at playing fetch and batting them around. Toys like these are essential for cats, who are natural hunters and want to stalk and catch "prey" instinctively.

Toys like this are also a great way to teach your kittens/cats that your hands are not a toy.

Sparrow seems to favor the green mouse so far.

Sparrow seems to favor the green mouse so far.

This "cat dancer" has continued to be Captain Jack's favorite toy. He loves to chase it, pounce on it, and then run away with it in his mouth like he's caught his prey.

Jack with his  "cat dancer"  toy- totally in love.

Jack with his "cat dancer" toy- totally in love.

The not-so-glamorous side of cats is the litter box. The general rule is one litter box per cat, PLUS one extra. So, 2 cats= 3 litter boxes. That's a lot of litter. I only have 2 litter boxes, because one of them is a jumbo size (about the size of 2 small ones). Cats will learn to use a litter box as kittens almost instinctively. It should ideally be cleaned every day because cats like a cleaned litter box!

It is extremely helpful to also had a litter mat that traps all the granules- because cats throw that shit everywhere.

Even though my cats are 100% indoor, it's important to have collars for them with my information in case they escape- it happens no matter how careful you are! Luckily my cats have never gotten far and I brought them back inside within seconds, but that doesn't mean that is how it will be every time. My favorite collars are these pirate skull ones! Definitely on my "to buy" list to replace their current collars.

This is a long post with a ton of items, and I could go on and on. If you have other types of items you would like suggestions for, leave me a comment or send me an email- I've probably tried every item at this point!



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