I ordered 6 bikinis for $60 from China


Last Summer I ordered a few items from a website called ROMWE. I liked 2/5 items and returned the rest or sold the ones I couldn't return. I was pretty disappointed since the items fit so differently than I expected based on the sizing.

Flash forward a year later and I am down to one bikini that fits and that I actually like (the one from ROMWE last summer). I am too broke to shell out $100+ per bikini, but still want to have more than 1 choice when I go to the beach. I decided to give ROMWE a try again.

This time I noticed that ROMWE has customer reviews on every swimsuit- thank goodness! Customers write reviews and include sizing information (top runs small, bottoms run large, the color is more green than blue, etc.) and some even include photos. This is extremely helpful when ordering such cheap clothing.

Side note: Yes, I did see the tweet with a photo from a ROMWE order that says "help me" on the sticker. I looked into it and noticed that the shop section the sticker was from is "office supplies". A little further digging and I found that ROMWE used to have a bookmark that was a raised hand (like a student in class asking for help) and they unfortunately named the bookmark "Help Me". They give out tiny items with each order depending on how much you spend- I also received a free bookmark. This doesn't mean the clothes/bikinis are not made in sweatshops- I do not have any knowledge of this.

Adjustable Straps Bikini Set: swimwear180416310 (search this # on ROMWE)

price: $10.06

SIZE: Medium

COLOR: Green

This was the last bikini I added to my cart, but it ended up being my favorite! The color is exactly what I was looking for – olive green. There was only one review so I didn't have a whole lot to go off of sizing-wise. The bottoms fit great, although a teeny tiny bit small. The top is definitely too small. I ordered this in size medium because I know ROMWE bikinis tend to run small, and without reviews to help guide me, I sized-up just to be safe. It still ended up being too small, but definitely still wearable! I love the cut, it feels like high quality fabric, and the color is exactly like the website shows.

There is also a baby pink bikini in the same style: swimwear180419320

Adjustable straps bikini set: Swimwear171205304

price: $11.01

Size: medium

Color: black

I'm really happy with this swimsuit and glad that I sized up to a medium. It is the perfect size for me and a small would have been too tiny. There are 80+ reviews for this swimsuit so I knew it ran small.

My only small complaint is that the triangle top is too close together which creates some size boob if you don't rearrange your boobs in the top. It would fit great if you have A or B cups! I still love it, but it just isn't the best style for me.

It also comes in grey, red, army green, pink, and brown (which is more like a rusty orange).

Adjustable straps bikini set: swimwear180418342

price i paid: $7.59

size: small

color: yellow

Can you tell how much I love this bikini?? I really wanted a nice yellow bikini. I stopped wearing string/side-tie bikinis a few years ago because they just didn't look good on me, so this was a risk with the thin straps.

The top fits like a dream and the bottoms are nice, but do squeeze a bit on the sides as you can see from the photos. This bikini is definitely true-to-size and a small fits me very well. There are 40+ reviews for this bikini, so that made it much easier to decide on what size to get.

My only complaint is the fabric is pretty thin which means you can see the lining in the top pretty well. If there isn't lining, your nipple shape is pretty visible so I opt to keep the lining it. The bottoms are thin too and don't have extra lining like most bikinis, but they're not too bad.

High leg triangle bikini set: swimwear170717310

PRICE i paid: $9.11

size: medium

color: red

Everyone should have one bright red bikini. It's such a striking color that I think looks amazing on all skin and hair colors!

When I first put this bikini on, one loop holding the strap to the back band broke immediately- the stitching was completely loose. I decided to just unhook the other strap and tie them like a halter-style bikini. The band across is a bit big, but I did order a medium so that's not a huge surprise.

The bottoms fit great! They are not quite "high-leg" like the name suggests, but are still flattering.

Besides the loop breaking (which could easily be sewed back on), I'm happy with this bikini! I will be taking in the band on the top so it fits more comfortable, but not bad for a cheap bikini from China!

Striped high leg bikini set: swimwear180507614

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 9.01.29 AM.png

Price i paid: $9.49

Size: small

Color: black and white

I still can't decide if I like the stripes or not, but they do have a striking contrast for photos!

It fits wonderfully, but again, the "high leg" description isn't quite accurate. The top and bottoms fit perfectly. The material doesn't feel very high quality, so I'm interested to see how well it holds up over time.

It felt good wearing it at the beach and I love the fit of the bottoms!

Halter Bikini Set: swimwear180405324

price i paid: $8.54

SIZE: small

Color: White

I definitely missed the one review on this bikini that said "SUPER SMALL!" because I ordered a size small instead of a medium.

This bikini is way too small for me! I probably wouldn't like it even if it did fit because it's just not flattering on me. The band across the top of the bottoms only has elastic at the top, so the top squeezes and the bottom flares out.

This is a pretty low-quality bikini and will never see the beach unfortunately.

SUMMARY: For the price, these bikinis are pretty great. Getting 6 bikinis for less than $60 is incredible compared to the average cost of a single bikini set. I wish I knew what the working conditions were in the factory that produces all the items for ROMWE. The cheap cost has to come from somewhere, whether it be cheap labor, cheap materials, or a combination of both. I do plan to order from ROMWE again because I just can't afford the cost of other companies. In the future, I would love to have the means to support a small business- there are a ton of amazing swimsuit companies out there that have high-quality bikinis and proper working conditions, but that comes at a cost that I just can't afford right now.