Save (and earn) Money with Honey!


No, not bee milk honey, I mean the extension, Honey! Still confused? Read on!

Quick description: Honey is a browser extension that plugs in all possible coupon codes for you at checkout- saving you time (instead of searching sketchy websites with "2018 coupon codes for Free People") and saving you money (with coupon codes, duh). 

I use Honey every single time I purchase something online. There aren't always coupon codes for the website I'm on, but about 80-90% of the time Honey finds a code that saves me money!

Here are a few perks to using Honey:

1. It saves you money on your online purchases- obviously, the whole point of it.

2. You earn points, called "Honey Gold", when you use Honey, which can be turned into gift cards from some of the most popular shops. Yup, you earn money for using Honey to save money. I know it sounds too good to be true, but I've already gotten a $10 Target gift card just for using coupon codes from Honey!

3. If you refer a friend and they make a qualified purchase with a Honey coupon code, you get $5 that can be redeemed via gift card once you reach $10.

4. Honey recently introduced "Honey Travel" where you can get virtual "keys" to unlock hotel deals! Happy travels!

STEPS TO start using Honey:

1. Go HERE and click the orange button that says "Add to Chrome" (or whatever browser you are using) on the right-hand side.

2. You will be prompted in a pop-up to click "Add Extension"- click it!

3. Honey will then be added to your browser and take you to a sign up page.

4. Sign up with Facebook or click "join Honey" near the bottom to sign up with email- you must create an account if you want to track and earn points.

5. You can start saving on online purchases!

To test it out and make sure it is working, add some items to your cart on your favorite online shop, go to checkout, and Honey should pop up suggesting coupons!


Here's what it will look like when you go to checkout on a website:

If Honey does not automatically pop up, you can click on its icon in the top right of your browser and then click "Apply Coupons".

Once you click "Apply Coupons" Honey will automatically begin plugging them in to find the best deal for you!

Once Honey finds the best coupon, it will tell you how much you are saving so you can proceed to checkout.


Honey will automatically search all coupons that have been used recently and apply the one that saves you the most money! If you have a coupon code that does not show up on Honey, you can type it in and Honey will ask if you would like to add it for other users to use- sharing is caring, after all!

Want to earn extra money, share your unique link with friends to get $5 for each friend who signs up and makes a qualified purchase!


These are some of the purchases I have made using Honey. You can see the "Honey Gold" I earned and the gift card I redeemed once I reached 1,000 gold ($10).

I've been using Honey for months and it has already saved me so much money! It is one of the best things I've discovered when it comes to getting the best deal online.