What to Wear: Summer in Santorini, Greece


I traveled to Santorini in mid-June 2017. It was an amazing trip and even though it was short (3 nights), we were able to see everything we wanted to. Read this post if you’re looking for a full guide to planning a Santorini trip!

My travel posts are usually about things to do, photo tips, etc., but this is my first “fashion” post and I’m excited to do more! It felt like I was actually shopping while I picked out outfits that I think would be perfect for a gorgeous island vacay in the Greek Islands.

What to Wear in Santorini Greece in Summer – Kessler Ramirez

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Why I chose these items:


Santorini has beautiful weather in the Summer and usually hovers around 80ºF/27ºC between June and August.

The architecture is stunning. With bright white buildings that seem to glow under the sun and that gorgeous Greek blue on the rooftops and accents, the Greek Islands are easily identifiable in photos. Because the architecture is so striking, it’s important to dress in coordination with it – whites, beiges, and blues – or dress to stand out – reds and yellows!

I curated this little collection of clothing to go along with what would not only look incredible in photos (very important for me!), but also be comfortable in the warm summer weather.

We went to the beach a few times and I only brought a couple bikinis and was happy with that, so I only linked a couple for you – plus a flowy, beautiful cover-up.


If you haven’t jumped on the skincare boat yet – come aboard while you still have time! Sunscreen is the #1 wrinkle-prevention product you can use. It’s not possible to naturally reverse wrinkles, but you can prevent them with proper skincare and protection.

I linked some SuperGoop CC cream which I have used myself and liked because it went on thin and melted quickly into my skin. They also have a Glow Kit which I have not tried but definitely want to! Pixi Glow Mist is the perfect spray to give your face that perfect dewy look when sprayed over makeup or after applying sunscreen if you prefer to go makeupless.

Every woman needs a good razor – I recently subscribed to Billie and have been incredibly happy with my new razor. I can’t link Billie above, but you can check it out here.


My hat was an absolute staple for every outfit I wore in Santorini. A hat is a necessity for long days outside and I bought mine at a small gift shop in Santorini. It recently fell apart completely, but luckily I just replaced it with a bigger, better one which is out of stock now, but I linked a similar one plus a cute visor.

A small purse or backpack is also great for long, exploring days. I didn’t feel like I needed to be worried about pick pockets or purse snatchers, but felt safer with a small purse I could wear cross-body.

When it comes to shoes I’ve always been fine walking for miles in flat flip flops – I realize I am not in the majority. If you plan to walk a lot, get some comfy shoes! The shoes I linked are mainly for fashion and less practicality, but use your judgement when picking shoes for you.