Why You Should Subscribe to ipsy

Kessler Ramirez ipsy bags

What is ipsy and how much is it?

Ipsy is a monthly makeup bag that is tailored to your preferences. It is $10/month + tax which includes a super cute makeup bag and 5 products- they call this a "Glam Bag". You are charged the 1st of every month and receive your bag mid-month. Some products are sample size and some are full size worth much more than $10. (Seriously, I've gotten a full size liquid lipstick that retails for $18). The makeup bags themselves could easily be sold for more than $10 alone, but 5 makeup products in addition to the bag? Total steal.

Signing up

When you sign up for ipsy, there is usually a waiting list to become a subscriber. If you want to skip the wait (for a limited time!), you can use my link- click here. If you subscribe using my link, I get points and so do you! I'll explain the point system in a bit.

How your glam bag is tailored to you

The great thing about ipsy is they don't send the same 5 products to every subscriber- your bag is made just for you! There is a quiz where you choose which brands you like, products you prefer, your hair, skin, and eye color, skin concerns, color preferences for different types of products, and so much more. The first few bags may not be exactly perfect, but they do pretty well.

After you receive your bag, you can review each item so ipsy knows what kind of items and brands you liked and didn't like. That way your future bags just get better and better! I've been an ipsy subscriber consistently for over a year now and my "glam bags" are usually almost perfect. There's an item here and there that I don't use, but they make great little gifts for friends. Every time you review an item, you earn points! Which leads me to...

Kessler Ramirez Oct Glam Bag
Kessler Ramirez ipsy glam bag


This is probably my favorite part of ipsy (aside from the glam bag itself). Reviewing items and sharing your reviews to social media earns you points. These points are essentially a currency you can use to "buy" makeup products that change weekly. I've redeemed my points a few times and the products to choose from are always amazing! The lower point items can sell out quickly, but if you can hoard your points like I have, you have no limits on your options.

Like I mentioned earlier, if you sign up using my link -HERE- you get a chunk of points to start off with (and I do too!). This chunk of points can get you one of the lower point items right off the bat. OR, you can hoard them for a better item later down the road. You can't really beat free products.

Kessler Ramirez ipsy glam bag

Discounts on makeup brands

If you LOVE one of your products in your glam bag or wanted something you didn't get, ipsy has deals with many makeup brands so "ipsters", as they call us, can get discounts. These discounts can range in value, but some of them are up to 30% or even 40% off some of my favorite brands.

The app

The ipsy app itself didn't used to be great and was a bit confusing, but they completely redid it and now it's perfect! It's easy to review items and track my glam bag to see when it will arrive. Oh! And I haven't mentioned- if you don't like surprises and want to know what will be in your glam bag before it arrives, you can check that in the app as well.


You can cancel your subscription at any time! If you want to just try it out for one month, sign up and cancel after you've received your bag (if you don't like it).

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