Commissions are now OPEN!

Please read the entire page before submitting an order :)

Since I am only one person and I do not want you guys waiting months and months to get your jeans or denim jacket, I will only be accepting orders for 5 painted jeans or jackets total – one per person. That means I can only take orders from 5 people at this time. Once I finish this round, I will reopen commissions again to another 5 people (more or less depending how 5 goes!). Thank you so much!

JEANS: $125



If you want a pair of painted jeans or denim jacket, here are the directions/info:

  1. You can choose from my collection of jeans and denim jackets OR send me your own to paint on.

    • If you want to choose from my collection: My available jeans are on and the jackets can be found below.

      • Please look for the SKU at the bottom of the jeans/jackets description and include it in the text box in the form below. It will look like this: KR125-J-LV

      • The jeans and jackets in my collection were sourced from thrift shops — Please note they have been previously worn but are washed and clean. There may be slight signs of wear which can include small marks/stains.

    • If you want to send me your own pair: You will be responsible for shipping to me. Once I finish painting the jeans I will ship them back to you. If you’d prefer, you can order new jeans from your favorite website and put my address as the delivery address. Once I receive them they will be washed, painted, and shipped to you!

  2. Once you’ve decided on jeans or jacket and picking from my collection or sending your own – choose your painting.

    • At this time, I am only taking custom requests for the paintings in the drop box below. I may allow full custom requests in the future!

  3. Complete the form and submit it. This is only a REQUEST and NOT a guarantee as it depends on how many people have already submitted requests.

    • If I approve your request, I will send you an invoice via PayPal for the jeans or jacket.

    • The invoice must be paid within 1 hour or it will go to the next person and you will lose your spot.

  4. Requested, approved, and paid? Then DONE! You will then send me your jeans/jackets or if you’ve selected from my collection I will get to work on it!

    • These paintings take a lot of time and may take up to 3-6 weeks to complete – thank you for your patience and understanding :) I am just one artist working at a desk in her bedroom, not a full-on company/factory cranking these out!


I am NOT shipping internationally for this round of custom orders. I am so sorry! I will be shipping internationally in the future <3

Shipping to US only at this time. Apologies!



Name *
Please choose if you want a pair of jeans painted or a denim jacket?
Choose which painting you want painted on your jeans or jacket
Please tell me if you will be sending me your own pair of jeans/jacket so I can send you the address they need to be sent to. List the SKU # for the jeans or jacket you want if you are picking from my collection (e.g. KR127-J-LV). Please note that multiple people may request the same jeans/jacket. List your first 3 choices in order.

Terms & Conditions: I do not accept returns or give refunds because these are custom orders. If you are unhappy with your order due to a mistake on my part, please contact me and I will sort it out. Thank you!